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Places To Buy To Abide by the Dress Code

Websites To Buy School Clothes

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With the new school dress code being implemented, students began freaking out and rushing to their computers to shop for new clothes. Many students, particularly girls, have been struggling to find cute and comfortable clothing that also fits the new strict dress code. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites that provide the cutest options that still remain in dress code.


Revolve is the overall best place to buy clothes for school. The organization of the website makes it so easy to shop for exactly what you’re looking for. The different categories help sort out appropriate clothing that is perfect for school and fits within the standards of the new dress code. Not to mention, Revolve carries the cutest and most on trend clothing that will help keep you looking and feeling good in your outfits.


Another perfect place to shop for school clothes is Abercrombie. Abercrombie is affordable and has a substantial amount of good sales. The clothes sold at Abercrombie are always on trend and there are  basic wardrobe staples that are timeless classics. There are a wide variety of options made for both men and women. The company is known for its quality and there are many different designs mixed in with their timeless classics. Shopping at Abercrombie will keep you looking on trend while also remaining within the budget.

Free People

Free People, also featured on Revolve, is the best website that adds a bit of boho flair to your wardrobe. The unique range of clothing sold at Free People will help you perfectly express your individuality. There are plenty of flowy dresses and tops that are comfortable, cute and in dress code. Much of their clothing has intricate embroidery, lace and other beautiful detailing. Free People will allow you to embrace your personal style. Free People tops are highly recommended, super comfortable and very on trend, especially at Maclay.

For Love and Lemons

For Love and Lemons is on the more expensive side, but the dresses on this website are absolutely worth every penny. These super fun and summery dresses are the cutest addition to your wardrobe. Many of these floral and girly dresses are not in dress code, but many of them are and can be worn to school anytime. Additionally, For Love and Lemons dresses are perfect to be worn out of school to different events with friends and family. Even though these dresses can be expensive, the quality is amazing and you will be able to wear them both in and out of school.

Hill House

Hill House is quickly gaining popularity amongst teenagers and young adults for their super comfortable “nap dresses.” Hill House dresses are so comfortable that they can be worn to bed and they feel like nightgowns. Fortunately, these dresses are in dress code and they are the perfect thing to add to your school wardrobe. Not only are these dresses comfortable and cute, but they also have a large variety of beautiful prints. The Hill House dresses have been recently gaining more popularity amongst Maclay students because of their perfect mix between comfortable and cute.


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