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Reliving the Magic

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Film is Everything and More

Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” has continued to break headlines even after the first US leg ended. On Oct. 13, 2023, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” film dropped. Directed by Sam Wrench, the film documents Swift’s “The Eras Tour” concerts. The filming for the movie occurred in August 2023 at the first three shows in SoFi Stadium. The overall idea of the film was to provide fans with the opportunity to relive the concert and, for some, the opportunity to see the concert for the first time. The spirit throughout the movie theater is unlike any other. During the film, fans are encouraged to sing along, dance and trade friendship bracelets just like they would at the concert. The film is about three hours long and is filled with some of Swift’s most loved songs. The editing and thought put into the film give fans the full concert-like experience. 

The film consists of 10 different acts: “Lover,” “Fearless,” “Evermore,” “Reputiontion,” “Speak Now,” “Red,” “Folklore,” “1989,” two surprise songs and then “Midnights.” The film consists of every song Swift sang on tour except “The Archer,” “Tis the Damn Season,” “Long Live,” “Cardigan” and “Wildest Dreams.” Every song includes fun and colorful visuals just like during the concert. For example, when Swift opens for “Reputation” a giant snake can be seen wrapping around the stage. The film takes viewers on a journey through diverse music chapters from pop-rock in “Reputiontion” to alternative folk in “Folklore.” It would not be “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” film without the appeal of the two surprise songs, so of course Swift incorporated them. This makes the film engaging for the viewers because they still get the same element of surprise they would at the concert. The film captures the same essence as the tour did just without the long bathroom lines. Throughout the theater, fans were singing along and dancing to their favorite songs. 

The editing of the film overall is what brought the whole thing together. The details and the thought behind the editing are what make this film so much like the concert. Each scene cuts to lively transitions fitted for each album. For instance, when the movie cuts to the “Fearless” era, the whole screen erupts in sparks just like it would in concert. The camera work changes for each song, becoming either steady or “chaotic” to match the energy of the song. During “Shake It Off,” the camera is constantly moving and switching angles to convey the song's upbeat energy, keeping the film lively. The crowd noise in the back of the film also allows fans to enjoy the same effect they would get if they were at the actual concert. 

Overall, the film is almost an exact replica of the tour minus a few songs. Though fans are not in the presence of Swift, the energy is still the same. Fans come to the theater as if they are ready for a concert dressed up in fringe bedazzled dresses and high-heeled boots. Swift created an unforgettable experience all her fans are now able to see.

<Star Rating>

Songs: ★★★★★

Editing: ★★★★★

Concert similarities: ★★★★★


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