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The Comeback of Digital Cameras

The Device Everyone Should Own

Photo by Paul Gaudriault on Unsplash

Digital cameras are making a comeback, and everyone should get one. 

Digital cameras were created around 1975 and started out as the size of a toaster. As time went on, they were designed to be smaller and more convenient for people to fit them in their pocket and take them anywhere they went. People would take them everywhere from work, school, vacation and more. Digital cameras became the device that everyone had to have. As the 2000s rolled around, they became even more popular due to them being top quality point-and-shoot cameras for the time period. The trend first reappeared with celebrities who had their own digital cameras and would post pictures with them on social media. From this point, people realized purchasing a digital camera today was going to be a bit pricier than expected, so companies took advantage of this and created camera apps. Popular apps like Dazz Cam, Dispo and Old Roll gave you close to the same effects that a digital camera would give pictures right on your phone. 

One of the strongest reasons that digital cameras are getting more attention than iPhone cameras is because they are more fun and interactive to take pictures on and give users a nostalgic feeling from their childhood. For those who grew up in the 90s and 2000s, digital cameras were a big part of their life. These cameras took fun, vintage pictures for users and documented their day-to-day life and seeing their comeback reminds people of their lives when digital cameras were the norm. The pictures taken by a digital camera are more fun than ones from an iPhone because you are able to put more effort into taking the picture and have a sense of doing it yourself. When taking a photo on a digital camera you must have it focused and ensure the lighting is perfect. Then, after making sure everything looks perfect you click down on the button and snap the picture. When taking a photo on an iPhone, the device tends to do all the work for you before you click the button and take the picture. Overall, it is more interactive and fun to carry around a digital camera to take pictures with, while also providing users a nostalgic feeling that brings them back to their childhood when capturing moments. 

Additionally, a digital camera allows users to detach from their phones and social media. Everyone knows how brutal the world of social media can be when it comes to the pressure of being perfect. People tend to take photos with the idea in mind that they must be perfect and fit the standards of social media. With a digital camera, there is less pressure to be perfect and more to just have fun. Carrying around a camera rather than an iPhone can give people a much needed break from mindlessly scrolling on social media, tirelessly trying to get the perfect picture and comparing themselves and their pictures to others. Using a digital camera rather than an iPhone is the perfect way to have fun while taking a break from your phone. 

Another plus side to digital cameras is how easy it is to get your pictures from the camera. While they do not automatically upload to your device like they do on your phone, all you have to do is plug the camera into your laptop and upload all the pictures to it. After that, all of your pictures will appear on your laptop and you can access them however you would like. Being able to access the photos like this ensures that individuals can always have them in multiple locations.  

A big reason people tend to stick to their iPhones and stray away from purchasing a digital camera is because they think it is easier to pull out an iPhone and take a picture since it is always with them. While it is true that it may be easier and more convenient to pull out your phone rather than bringing a camera everywhere, having a more fun and interactive way to take pictures and detaching from social media are things that everyone could use at some point in their life. 

While the debate over iPhones versus digital cameras brings up many valid points, it's hard to pass up all of the benefits that come with purchasing a digital camera. People are able to have fun, put more work into their photos, take a break from their phones and social media and always have their photos with a digital camera. While they may be a bit pricey, purchasing a digital camera is significantly less than purchasing an iPhone and comes with so many more advantages.


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