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The Final Swing

Boys Golf Team’s Postseason Match

Photo by Peter Drew on Unsplash

The boys golf team took their last swing on Monday, Oct. 30. Jacob Parrish, Alejandro Ortiz, Jack Cook, Cameron Kise, Zach Lowe and Coach Joe Kupizweski traveled to Jacksonville, Florida looking to keep their unbelievable season alive. They knew they were facing great teams, so they needed to shoot their lowest rounds yet if they wanted to advance in the postseason. However, the Marauders never found their groove and finished in fourth place.

From the first hole to the eighteenth, the Marauders struggled in every aspect of the match. Their driving, chipping and putting were not on point as their shot total was 406. Throughout the season, the Marauder’s average was in the 70s; however, their average on Monday was in the 80s. The team had aspirations of going to state but was unable to execute their plans in regionals.

“We could have just played better and made better decisions,” senior captain Alejandro Ortiz said. “I know for me, I made some really dumb decisions.”

One of the main reasons for the Marauder’s disappointing match was the loss of sophomore Hayden Chaires. Chaires was one of the top players and leaders for the Marauders but was unable to compete after he broke his wrist only a couple of days before the match.

“[Our greatest difficulty was] not having our number two player on the team,” freshman Cameron Kise said.

The Marauders' struggles on the first couple holes carried over to the rest of the match. Their consistency and resilience throughout the season did not translate to their most significant match, as they fell short of advancing in the playoffs, finishing fourth out of 12 teams.

“I would have let some bad holes go so that it would not affect me later in the round,” Ortiz said.

Even though the Marauders struggled in regionals, they had an extremely successful season. They beat some incredible teams and surprised the entire Tallahassee Community. The countless hours they spent working on their craft was the recipe for their success. Some members will be playing in college next year, while others will be playing at Maclay; however, every player contributed to gaining the award of District Champion.


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