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The Return of Travis Scott

Review of Travis Scott’s Newest Album "Utopia"

After five unbearable years of waiting for Travis Scott fans, his new album “Utopia” has finally been released on all music platforms as of July 28, becoming one of the top albums of the summer. This will be the third album of Scott’s following “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” and “Astroworld.”

The 19 song album features several different musical artists including SZA, Future, Drake, Kid Cudi, 21 Savage and many more. The album explores many themes including the album representing a new phase in Scott’s career. He explores the broad theme of breaking down a utopia and the elements that make it what it is. His idea of exploring this theme stemmed from his 2021 VMA win where he explained to the audience how to achieve a utopia, which led to the 2023 album release.


Telekinesis is by far the best song on the album. This song is labeled as the most popular due the main feature: SZA and Future. Scott includes Future and SZA who help him to include various different music styles,including rap from both Scott and Future along with SZA’s singing and her great lyrics.  All of their voices complement each other very well with Scott being in charge of the intro and chorus while SZA and Future filled the rest of the song. Everything about this song flowed perfectly including the beat drops and build up to SZA’s iconic feature.

“Circus Maximus”

The twelfth song on the album, “Circus Maximus”, deals with the themes of both love and heartbreak, as well as fame. The song features Swae Lee and The Weeknd. The intro and outro performed by Swae Lee and The Weeknd and Scott fillined in throughout the song. The intro to the song was much more diverse than his past songs, especially transitioning straight from rap to The Weeknd. The mix of Scott and The Weeknd’s voices create a non typical love song, with various beats including the drums throughout the song that build the anticipation for the Weeknd’s verse throughout.

“Till Further Notice”

Arguably, the only love song on the album, “Till Further Notice” features 21 Savage and James Blake. 21 Savage opens the song rapping about the theme of taking love for granted and missing it after it’s gone. Following this, Scott begins rapping about being against entertaining the idea of being serious with someone, while Blake doesn't say much about anything having to do with love. This is partly why the song could or could not be perceived as a love song depending on how the listener defines the type of love they are rapping about.


Another hit  song on the album is “Meltdown” by Scott and Drake which brings a completely different vibe to the album. Drake’s adlibs and the type of whisper rap he employs in his songs gives “Meltdown”  a more hype feeling than other songs on the album. It only gets better as Scott joins the track matching Drake’s vibe, including the beat drop before each rapper's intro to the track.

“God’s country”

Unlike the previous songs on “Utopia,” “God’s Country” is much different and mediocre in comparison. This song isn't considered typical when thinking about other Scott songs, and just has a weird feel throughout the entire song. The track has also faced controversy when listeners were under the impression that Scott would include rapper Kanye West but ultimately decided not to. The vibe Scott was trying to achieve would be cool in hindsight but it wasn't executed properly.

Travis Scott's long awaited album “Utopia” has definitely lived up to expectations from fans and surpassed 146 million streams on multiple platforms.. The album has managed to sell 496,000 units in just under a week with two songs on the BillBoard Top 10 of the Hot 100 songs chart. Signaling a new phase in his career, Scott’s album explored a variety of different messages and vibes while maintaining a perfect album length. He has also released a 75 minute movie, “Circus Maximus,” to advertise for the album, as well as four “Utopia” music videos. It is safe to say that Scott’s new album exceeded expectations and definitely faces a chance of being nominated for the album of the year at the Grammys.


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