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A Cultural Celebration

MAC Showcases Culture Fair

Every semester at Maclay School, the Multicultural Awareness Club (MAC) designs a unique way to celebrate and spread culture and diversity throughout the school. A project known as the culture fair was held on Nov. 15 to showcase cultures from around the world.

This time, four groups of the club chose the Netherlands, Peru, Vietnam and Ethiopia for their project. Each team created an authentic and decorative display table representing the culture. They also provided a wide variety of popular dishes that are made from the chosen country.

Students and teachers crowded around each table asking questions about each chosen country. Long lines of hungry students and faculty were created in front of each table, eager to try the food.

The fair brings the school together as one united community, luring students and teachers in to share new cultures. The MAC designed a perfect way to teach the importance of learning about global cultures and traditions.

Educating people about different cultures means a lot to the students participating in MAC.

“I think it is important to be a part of the culture fair so that you get exposed to different cultures and see what other countries have to give to the world,” MAC Vice President Ana Cebollero said.

The MAC culture fair is an essential platform for the knowledge of understanding and appreciating different cultures from around the world.

Junior Aidenn Hafez participated in the Netherlands project. He loves culture fair and values the importance of spreading knowledge about the world.

“I joined MAC because I agree with what the club stands for, as I do believe it is important to appreciate different cultures,” Hafez said.

It widens people’s perspectives on global customs and traditions, allowing individuals to be more open-minded and learn about differences.

“[A benefit of sharing cultures to people at Maclay] is that people get to experience other cultures, because we live in the south, we are used to seeing hot dogs,” Cebollero said. “But we don't really know [other cultures] food and what they are.”

The culture fair breaks barriers and eliminates anyone who creates stereotypes and division between certain groups of people. It is a platform for others to respect and understand people from around the world. It exposes people to new countries, widening their empathy and lowering their judgment.

Maclay and the MAC will continue to create and share fun projects to further teach students and teachers about new countries’ cultures and traditions.


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