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A Devastating Defeat

The Varsity Boys Soccer Team Loses the State Semifinals, Officially Ending Their Season

Photo by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian

On Feb. 21, Maclay hosted the 2024 Boys Soccer State Semifinal Tournament against Downtown Doral. Leaving the day before the game, they were more than prepared to play. The team traveled all the way to Auburndale, FL, to compete in the tournament. A mix of excitement and anxiety flowed through the team's blood, ready to play as soon as they could. Through a hard-fought battle, the team lost 2-4, ending their season.

At four p.m, the kickoff between teams began. Downtown Doral Highschool started with the ball, giving them a slight advantage, yet the Marauders believed they had more energy and hope.

“I personally felt really good coming into the game, [and we were] really energized and focused.” junior Zac Scovotto said.

The encouraging mindset motivated the team to possess the ball more, allowing junior Barnes Ray to score the first goal of the game during the first half.

This was not an easy match for the Marauders. They were at a disadvantage without their main goalie, sophomore Max Colon, who was injured. With a sudden conflict, the Marauders had to work extra hard defensively. Downtown Doral scored with their great offense line up. Maclay struggled to keep up with their opponents skill and talent.

During water breaks and half time, the Maclay team picked up on their opponents strengths and weaknesses, coming up with ways to counteract.

“Their strength was possession and their weakness was that they were slow,” junior Colin Edwards said.

Towards the end of the game, the Marauders were down two points, leaving with a loss of 2-4. The end of a memorable season has finally approached, leaving this as the seniors’ last highschool soccer game. The sad ending broke hearts of many, but taught them to only learn from their mistakes and improve for the future.

“I felt like we could have definitely done better as a whole [and] we didn't play as good as we have played in the past games” Scovotto said. “But we still played until the last minute and didn't give up.”

After almost six months of soccer for Maclay, the season has officially come to an end. The Maclay boys soccer program made it so far, and there are many more chances awaiting for them next winter season.


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