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A Mighty Marauder Win

Maclay’s Varsity Football Team Wins Their First Home Game of the Season Against Cambridge Christian

Photo by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian

On Sept. 15 the Maclay Marauders faced the Cambridge Christian Lancers in a varsity football game. The game was held on Frank Shaw Field where the Marauders earned their first win of the season and beat the Lancers in a 41-3 home game.

As the 12 minute timer started the game off, the Lancers called for a timeout. The Lancer quarterback intended a pass for number one and the pass was incomplete. When Maclay was on offense, quarterback and junior George Grant made a 30 yard pass to freshman Henry Richardson gaining a first down. Senior Cole Lewis gained another first down for the Marauders driving the ball closer to the endzone. Junior Nash Beshears then secured the Marauders their first touchdown of the night. Sophomore Wyatt Long kicked the extra point and it was up and good. After the first quarter ended, the score was 7-0 and the Marauders were ahead.

“I think it was expected,” Beshears said. “We executed very well and had fun doing it.”

After a minute water break, both of the teams were back on the field and ready to score. The Lancers were receiving the ball at the beginning of the second quarter and when they reached the fourth down, they went for the kick and made it. These were the only three points they scored throughout the whole game.

After the Marauders gained the ball back, Lewis had the first two first downs. Freshman Blake Brannen found the ball, scoring the second touchdown of the night for the Marauders. While the Lancers were back on offense, junior Ryder Marks sacked the Lancer quarterback. By the end of the second quarter, the score was 21-3 at halftime and the Lancers were down.

Entering halftime, the Marauder Dance Company performed for the crowd. There was a football toss where a golf cart made its way around the track with a garbage can and fans could throw the ball and earn some money.

The third quarter began, and the senior Peyton Pakse had a tackle on a Lancer offense player, stopping him from gaining any yards down the field. The Lancers threw a pass and freshman Tucker Poppell broke up the pass and the pass became incomplete. Junior Zeke Podgorski secured his second touchdown of the night for the Marauders. With a minute and 33 seconds left, a running clock began. At the end of the third quarter, the Marauders were up 41-3.

“It felt super good because we won by a lot,” Podgorski said.

In the final quarter, freshman Beau Beshers was showing up and out for the Marauders making a sack on defense. There were no points scored in the fourth and final quarter of the game. The final game concluded with a 41-3 score and the Marauders finally won their first game of the season. 

“It was great to get the first win and the boys deserve it,” head coach Jason Cauley said. “I feel like we should already have two wins already. You could kind of see the kid’s urgency just wanting to get out here strong in the first half and had a big lead going into halftime. They came out the second half stronger and that's what we needed to do.”


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