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A Soccer Showdown

Maclay vs. Leon Soccer Game

Photo by Laura Zaidan/Maclay Andalusian

The Marauders seize the Lions once again! The Maclay Marauders soccer season has begun and they have been conditioning for their new winter season. On top of two previous games that week, the boys soccer team had one more that Friday. On Dec. 1, the varsity Maclay boys soccer team played against Leon High School.

Beginning at 7 p.m. at Leon, the Marauders owned their field throughout the game, resulting in a 4-0 victory. Although they played in very cold and rainy weather conditions, it did not stop the team from playing as best as they could.

From the very start of the match, the Marauders started out strong. They used all of their skills from their practice and incorporated them onto the field.

“We practiced set pieces like corner kicks, which allowed us to have good chances [on scoring],” junior Barnes Ray said.

The team works on specific skills each day so they could put all of them into action and execute them during games. Their focused and productive training further projected onto the field. Each and every player cooperated in order to score.

“[The team worked together to win by] coming out hot,” junior Zac Scovotto said. “[and] we scored all of our goals in the 30 minutes of the game.”

Scovotto easily got the first goal against Leon. Maclay’s first goal gave so much hope and confidence, leading to one goal by Colin Edwards and a hat trick for Scovotto.

The easy win came from the teams’ great chemistry on and off the field.

“We have all played together before,'' junior Colin Edwards said. “ [And] we communicate well [on the field].”

The main key to success for the Maclay soccer team is cooperation and being able to know how your team plays. This task was simple for the Marauders, because of the team's friendship.

“[Our teamwork] allowed us [the Maclay team] to score some early goals which boosted our morale, which led us to winning,” Ray said.

The joy that the win gave the Marauders will further encourage the team to stay focused and build team bonding.

The next game for the varsity Maclay boys soccer team will be an away game on Monday, Dec. 4, against Lincoln at 7 p.m.


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