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A Two Way Tie

The Marauders Girls Varsity Soccer Team Had a Game Against the Lady Lions

Photo by Timothy Tan on Unsplash

After a long winter break, the Maclay sports teams are back at it. The girls soccer team has stayed active over break practicing and training for the upcoming games. On Jan. 5, at Frank Shaw Field, the Maclay girl’s soccer team played the Leon Lady Lions in a varsity soccer game. It was a chilly game, and the final score was tied 1-1 at the end of the game.

As the game began, the stands were filled with parents, students and many soccer alums of Maclay School. It was alumni night, so many members who used to be on the Maclay boys and girls soccer team were there to support the current players.

The Lions scored the first point of the night on the Marauders. The Marauders got the ball back and they were trying to score in the Lions’ end zone. Sophomore Neely Oberste stopped the ball halfway down the field and blocked the Lions from coming in contact with the Maclay goal. Freshman Regan Cummings attempted to kick the ball in the Lion’s goals, but the ball just barely missed.

“[We are going to work on] shooting and scoring and making our shots go in the goal,” senior Mary Clayton Soto said.

After 20 minutes of the game, there was a water break for both teams, allowing the athletes to take a quick break from being on the field. Once both teams were back, the game was in full force. The Lions kicked the ball out which allowed senior Oliva Bishop to throw the ball back in. Shortly after, junior Gray Burleson kicked the ball from the corner and Bishop knocked it in with her head scoring the Marauders their first goal of the night.

“I think I had an okay game but I do think I was a little out of shape coming off the break,” senior Lawre Bradley May said.

Throughout the game, the Lady Marauders attempted kicking the ball in the goal, but it went just short of the net. After the game, the score was 1-1 and no more points were scored in the game.

After halftime, the teams switched sides. Freshman Camille Lillie, the goalie, had several saves and stopped the Lions from scoring any more points. Both the Lions and Marauder’s defense stayed strong throughout the game as the final game score was 1-1.

“I think the team showed great flexibility and ability to adapt to different game situations on Friday,” head coach Zachary Arceneaux said. “Coming off of a long break, it can be difficult to be prepared and able to adapt in games early on. The players were able to defend well and adapt to new tactics/formations mid game. I was very proud of them.”


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