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Broadening Horizons

Gallery: MAC Culture Fair 2023

Fine Dining - Upper School students join the Multicultural Appreciation Club (MAC) club in Langford hall to taste foods from various countries such as Vietnam, Peru, Ethiopia and the Netherlands. Students were able to purchase light snacks, meals or desserts. 

Broadening Horizons - Students get to try foods from different countries and broaden their horizons to foods outside of the United States. “The Culture Fair has a good impact on Maclay by introducing students to different cultural foods and allowing them to appreciate the cultures,” sophomore Anna Chuku said.

Fan Favorites - The most popular stations at this year’s MAC Culture Fair were Ethiopia and Vietnam. Some fan favorites were Pho, from Vietnam, and Yellow Fried Rice, from Ethiopia.

Making Sales - To participate in the culture fair and purchase foods, students could pay with cash or card and indulge in cultural foods with great prices. 

What’s Your Go To Dutch Food? - The station serving food from The Netherlands was a hit, mostly due to the delicious desserts. A favorite among the students were the “Stroopwafels.”

Learning Something New Everyday - Each country’s station had a list of fun facts for students and faculty to read and learn about. 

Good Food, Good Mood - Students gather in Maclay’s Langford Hall to try new foods and experience something different than the everyday lunch. Each food and dessert is made by students who participate in the MAC Club. 

Closing Time - The 2023 MAC Culture Fair was a hit. Students clean up and go to their classes having tried something new. MAC cannot wait to do the Culture Fair again next year.


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