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Chargers Get Crushed

Maclay Boys Soccer Defeats the Community Christian Chargers 8-0

Photo by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian

On Wednesday night the Maclay boys varsity soccer team faced off against the Community Christian Chargers at home. Missing most of the team due to the junior ski trip, the Maclay Marauders would have to play with their senior captains and multiple underclassmen. Although missing nine of their players, Maclay was able to mercy rule the Chargers with 20 minutes remaining in the game, improving their record to 10-1-2.

The game kicked off at 7 p.m. and within minutes Maclay was able to strike first. Senior Tyler Keller was able to start Maclay off and was followed by a goal from sophomore Luke Daunt. Maclay was able to score three goals in the first half while holding the Chargers to zero goals throughout the entire half.

“I think we started off pretty rough and it took us long to find our groove,” senior Aiden Merritt said. “Once we got out of half time we found our groove and we were able to execute extremely well.”

After the half the Chargers were able to get close to scoring but sophomore Elias Strickland was able to make the save, holding the Chargers to zero goals for the rest of the half. The Maclay offense was quick to strike one again led by Daunt along with sophomore Santi Nunzez. Maclay would go on to score a total of five goals in the second half making the score 8-0 with 20 minutes remaining, forcing the mercy rule. 

“Not having the juniors here really showed us how well we work as a team no matter who is missing,” Strickland said. “But overall I think we played really well even though we had that rough start.”

With this win Maclay extends their four-game winning streak and improves to ten wins on the season. Maclay will face off against the Gainesville Hurricanes on Friday, Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. in Gainesville with hopes to have another 11 win season and continue their win streak.

“We played well and I think that this game really prepared us for Friday and showed us what we need to work on,” Merritt said.


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