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Combining the Tours

Why Players from the LIV and PGA Tours Should Be Allowed to Play in Both Events

Illustration by Leah Song/Maclay Andalusian

In recent years, the world of professional golf has seen a significant shift with the introduction of the LIV Golf series, a new tour backed by substantial financial resources. This development has created an atmosphere of division between the established PGA Tour and the emerging LIV Golf series. A key aspect of this divide is the debate over whether players should be allowed to participate in both tours.

The PGA Tour has been the dominant force in professional golf for decades, providing players with opportunities to showcase their talents and earn their livelihood. On the other hand, LIV Golf has attracted many of the world's top players with lucrative contracts and innovative event formats. The differing approaches of the two tours have led to a tug-of-war over player loyalty, with the PGA Tour implementing policies to discourage its members from participating in LIV events.

However, the best interests of the sport should be prioritized over any tour's specific agenda. Allowing players to participate in both PGA Tour and LIV Golf events can bring numerous benefits to the sport as a whole, enhancing the game's appeal and driving its growth globally.

First, allowing players to compete on both tours would elevate the overall quality of competition. In this year's Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA only a select handful of 11 LIV golfers were invited to play, leaving out a whole group of competitors. Golf fans want to see the best players in the world go head-to-head, and forcing them to choose between tours limits the potential for exciting matchups. Players should have the freedom to choose where and when they compete, which would create a more dynamic and engaging season for spectators.

Encouraging cooperation between the two tours would foster a sense of unity within the sport. The current divide only serves to polarize the golfing community and stifle the potential for collaboration and innovation. Ever since the new tour was introduced to the golf world, patrons and players have been divided into either Pro-LIV or Pro-PGA loyalist groups. LIV lovers believe that this new league can bring more excitement to golf and to its popularity. PGA loyalists on the other hand, believe in preserving the PGA as the top league of the golf world. If both tours would start working together, they can leverage their strengths to elevate the sport to new heights.

Allowing crossover participation is the potential for increased viewership and revenue. By combining the star power of both tours, golf could attract a broader audience and generate higher ratings and sponsorships. As of now LIV players are only allowed to participate in the four majors in golf: The US Open, The Masters, The Open and The PGA Championship. On the other side, PGA tour players are not allowed to participate in any LIV events. By allowing this crossover play would benefit not only the players but also the sport's stakeholders, including fans, sponsors and broadcasters.

In addition, providing players with more choices regarding where to compete would empower them to make decisions that align with their personal and professional goals. This flexibility could lead to improved performance, as players would be able to tailor their schedules to maximize their potential on the course. The PGA tour has an event every weekend all over the country while the LIV tour has a tournament every two weeks, allowing players to get plenty of practice and recovery times in between matches.

The PGA Tour and LIV Golf must prioritize the best interests of the sport and its players by allowing crossover participation. Rather than viewing each other as rivals, they should embrace the opportunity to collaborate and enhance the game for everyone involved. By fostering a spirit of cooperation and flexibility, both tours can contribute to the growth of golf globally. It is time to move past the division and work together to create a brighter future for the sport.


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