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Gatsby Style

A Recap of Maclay’s Annual Prom

Photo by Abbie Hartmann

Students channeled their inner Great Gatsby as they got ready to dance the night away at Prom 2024. This past Saturday, March 23, Maclay held its annual prom at the FSU Alumni Center. This location has been a big hit for the past couple of years and will continue to be because of the positive feedback the Prom Committee has gotten. The committee had multiple meetings to vote on the dance theme, food, the photo booth and all the other important details that come with a successful prom night. This year’s committee voted between various themes but the final decision was to have the dance set in the Roaring Twenties. This theme was a huge success between Marauders. 

“I think the theme turned out great,” upper school math teacher and co-leader of the Prom Committee Charles Allee said. “We had a great entrance, and the table centerpieces were really nice, thanks to Mrs. Obrecht and the decorations committee”

A classic part of prom is voting classmates for prom king and queen. A week before prom, a ballot was sent out to juniors and seniors with a list of each person’s name to vote for. The upperclassmen then got the chance to vote for four girls and four boys from their grade for prom court. Last Wednesday during 3B, the prom court was announced over the loudspeaker. This year’s prom court consisted of juniors, Lily Thompson, Suzanne Beshears, Mary Kate Kise, Elizabeth Dowdy, Camden Webster, Cardin Nguyen, Keller Bridges and John Fletcher Butler. The seniors were Ava Duke, Olivia Bastien, Kenley Robinson, Emma Kate Rodrigue, Rohan Kaji, Jose Alfaro, Will O’Conner and Ellis Strickland. 

“I enjoyed being on prom court,” junior Lily Thomson said. “I think it would be more fun senior year, but being a junior on it was fun because I got to walk and represent my class.”  

As students walked through the door, they were handed a ballot slip to vote for the prom queen and king. After the votes were counted, the court was announced over the speakers as they walked in by twos. After numerous rounds of applause, the prom queen and king were announced. Ava Duke won prom queen and Rohan Kaji won prom king. 

“I was really thankful and happy I had won,” senior Ava Duke said. “Prom queen meant a lot that people decided to vote for me.”

Overall, this special night was a big hit due to the delicious food and desserts, the upbeat music and being able to spend time with friends. This night will be remembered by the students and teachers forever and will hold a special place in everyone’s heart.

“My favorite thing about prom is that the students had a great time and made memories that will last a lifetime,” Allee said.


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