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Gallery: February Pep Rally

Hard Work Recognized - All winter sports teams were called to the middle of Webster Gym to be recognized for their accomplishments during their respective seasons.

Competition - One representative from each

sport, girls and boys, is picked to participate

in a free kick or throw game.

Play to Win - A female and male representative were picked from both soccer and basketball. Soccer participated in a free throw challenge while basketball free kicked.

Winners - The final score was 7-4

winning the basketball program

free Jersey Mike's.

Better Together - The Maclay Better Together Executive Director, Carson Conway announces a canned food drive.

Sandwiches for Everyone - Girls Varsity weightlifting

and cheer participate in a song naming game. The results

were 4-0 rewarding the weightlifting team with free Jersey Mike's.

Getting Informed - Student Council Co-Presidents Brinkley Snow and Venkat Madipotti announce the special events for Marauder Madness.

Photos by Blair Bayliss/Maclay Andalusian


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