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Heads up, Final Four Is Coming!

Gallery: Varsity Boys Soccer Team's Match Against Florida High

HEADS UP - Junior Barnes Ray keeps his head up as he prepares to receive a goal kick. He beats his opponent and gains possession of the ball.

HEAD IN THE GAME - Sophomore Tyson Willett jumps in the air, attempting to get a header on the ball over the goalkeeper. He was met by multiple of his opponents defending their territory, and was short of getting the ball.

RUN IT DOWN - Sophomore Luke Daunt chases the ball as it is about to go out of bounds. He is quick on his feet and makes the save, gaining possession of the ball and continuing the play.

BALL SECURITY - Junior Zac Scovotto pushes back against a Florida High player to keep the ball in possession. His efforts paid off as he was able to get through his opponent and pass it to another player.

WIDE OPEN - Daunt creates space on the field and is wide open for a pass. He prepares as the ball will be passed to him to make a play.

HE SHOOTS… - Daunt shoots against Florida High, attempting to score the first goal of the game. His shot almost made it in, but was saved by the goalkeeper.

KEEP IT IN - Scovotto battles to keep the ball in play. He beat his opponent and was able to make a quick pass to L. Daunt, who then took a shot on goal.

OUT OF BOUNDS - The Marauders attempted a shot on goal, but barely missed the goal. The ball went out of bounds and they prepared for a goal kick from the Seminoles.

PASS IT ALONG - Junior Gavin Slocum passes the ball to Scovotto to run it down the field. Their quick decisions allowed them to get around the Seminole defenders and take a shot against Florida High.


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