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High Notes and Touchdowns

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Shock the Pop and Sports Worlds

The start of what seems to be a new relationship placed its roots on Sunday evening in Arrowhead Stadium. On Sept. 24, world-famous pop star Taylor Swift was spotted sitting in a box next to Donna Kelce, National Football League (NFL) player Travis Kelce's mother. A few months back Kelce attended one of Swift’s concerts at Arrowhead and she decided to return the favor with her appearance at his game.

Throughout the game, Swift appears to be getting along with Kelce’s friends and family quite well. She is even seen chest-bumping one of his friends, jumping up and down and screaming with joy after a touchdown scored by Kelce. Since then, Kelce’s jersey sales have soared over 400%, and new talk has been surfacing on social media platforms such as TikTok on whether Swift put Kelce on the map or not.

“I think Kelce and Swift’s relationship is cute,” junior Aidenn Hafez said. “I also think it’s interesting to see the football world and pop culture world collide. I don’t know a lot about Kelce, but I do think he is good enough for her, as she is for him. Although Swift definitely added more media and press into his life, I don’t think she necessarily put him on the map.”

After the game, the two were spotted leaving together in Kelce’s convertible. On his podcast “New Heights,” Kelce jokes with his older brother Jason Kelce on how he “just slid off in the getaway car at the end.” As most Swifties know, “Getaway Car” is a song written by Swift on her album “Reputation.”

“I think it’s [Swift and Kelce dating] good,” freshman Regan Mayfield said. “But I also think if they break up it would be like NFL versus the swifties and that would be bad.”

A recent photo came out of Swift and T Kelce at a restaurant together. In the photo, Kelce is sitting down and Swift is sitting on one of his legs with her arm around his. Along with this photo, a recent rumor spread that Swift would attend Kelce’s game against the Jets at Metlife Stadium, and ticket sales have skyrocketed since then. Swift did in fact show up to the game and had all eyes on her.

“I think they would be cute,” junior Grace Stalter said. “I also think that he is more known now and is really popular. I think there are other people out there but the NFL football player is pretty good.”


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