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Gallery: Junior Interview Series

Listen Up! - Heather Bas, Dean of Student Upper School Affairs, informs juniors about the upcoming Jeffrey Alan Gabor Jr. Interview Series designed to prepare Maclay students for future job or internship interviews as well as college interviews. “They prepare us with advice that will help us pull off [the interviews],” junior Analise LaFace said. As part of the interview series, juniors learn to craft resumes and learn interviewing skills in preparation for a simulated interview with a local professional.

Ready, Set, Future - The purpose of the Interview Series, a unique offering to Maclay, is to provide a setting for experiential learning where students can practice public speaking and poise in a professional environment that is also comfortable and familiar. The timing of the Interview Series is intended to prepare students not only for the college admissions process but also professional life in the future.

Practice Makes Perfect - Juniors are divided into groups to prepare for their mock interview by traveling to different stations around campus. Each station functions as a workshop with a unique topic. These teacher and parent-volunteer led stations discuss factors that lead to a successful interview, frequently asked questions in interview settings, what not to say in an interview and how to carry yourself to come across as poised and professional.

Look Good, Feel Good - The junior class travels with their groups to their assigned locations. They are sent to talk with teachers and mentors around campus. Each teacher presents a different subject that addresses various aspects of the interview process. For example, Bas provided information about how to dress and groom yourself to look professional. Each student must dress appropriately, keep eye contact and speak professionally.

Gracing the Room - Students head to the cafeteria to meet with a Maclay parent, Melissa May. She spoke about how attitude and presentation are extremely important in every interview. Melissa also addressed the importance of body language in an interview.  Candidates who are prepared for any question that comes their way and have well planned answers are more likely to be selected for a job than those who do not plan ahead.

What Is Your Biggest Weakness? - Students on their way to a workshop session where they learned commonly asked interview questions and strategies for answering them. For example, when asked your biggest weakness, students were taught to explain something they are working to improve rather than a weakness that is challenging to overcome and could negatively impact job performance.

We’re Just Getting Warmed Up! - Bas tells students that there will be many more workshops to come before their official interview in February 2024.The workshops leading up to February will prepare students to be confident and ready for their mock interview next winter. Since public speaking is often cited as the number one fear among adults, repeat practice and feedback will put students in a position to succeed. The junior class will by doing mock interviews with a parent, participating in educational workshops and practice interviews on Zoom leading up to the official interview.


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