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Juniors Back up and Take Notes

Junior Interview Process Has Begun

Photo by Blair/Maclay Andalusian

Junior year is a tedious year but Maclay is helping by creating a mock interview for all juniors. This series of meetings will help students be more prepared when applying for jobs and colleges. The first meeting was held in Langford during FLEX on Oct. 17.

For the first half of the meeting, upper school Spanish teacher Heather Bas gave juniors a packet with all the information to be covered that day. This gathering was called the “workshop” and was the first step out of five in preparing for an interview and the future.

“I have testimony from former students who have said that the practice they did and the preparation that they did was evident in their successful interviews securing either jobs or other opportunities,” Bas said.

For students to better understand the knowledge and importance, she split up the class into three different groups. Each group went to a station either in Langford, cafeteria or library. All the juniors had a mentor at each station – Mr. Merrit at one and Mrs. May at the other. The class split up and began learning several interview tips.

For the first station, the mentors discussed their backgrounds and the connections pertaining to interviews and the importance of interviews when hiring or applying for a job. May specifically discussed questions to expect in an interview, such as one related to one’s strengths and weaknesses. She also told students to expect unpredicted questions and stay calm with a smile on their face. May gave students tips such as researching the interviewer beforehand. After giving the juniors the basics, she decided to ask some of the Maclay juniors some questions to expect.

“I learned more about the structure and what to expect in an interview,” junior Kayla Iarossi said.

During the second half of the meeting, the mentors discussed more details about the junior interview series. The advisor talked to students about the importance of making eye contact and using nonverbal language. Bas mentioned that she will be partnering students with a parent that she believes matches their personality the best. She went into further depth on the steps students will take in this interview process. All advisors explained that after students have the meeting they will need to send a thank-you card, which shows appreciation for the interviewers.

“I took away the importance of how much effect an interview has on my future,” junior Jack Kole said.

Junior interview meetings are held each year to help juniors prepare themselves for outside of college and work. These series of meetings will show students how much preparation really goes into an interview.

Maclay is preparing their students to thrive outside of Maclay. By preparing juniors on how to present themselves in a mature manner, they are allowing students a glimpse on what to expect when in an interview, a skill that many need to know.


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