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Marauders Face the Eagles

The Lady Marauders Win Against the North Florida Christian Eagles in a Varsity Basketball Game

Photo by Blair Bayliss/Maclay Andalusian

On Friday, Jan. 12, the Lady Marauders varsity basketball team faced off against the North Florida Christian Eagles. As the Eagles are the biggest opponent of the Lady Marauders, the Webster gym was crowded, and the fans were rowdy. The Lady Marauders took home another win for the regular game season.

From last year to this year, the Lady Marauders basketball team has grown immensely. Senior Aleeza Moore started the game off by tipping the ball to one of her teammates. Maclay was first in possession of the ball and junior Lauren Guyer scored the first three points of the night. Senior Kaitlyn Guyer scored the next two points of the game. After the first eight minutes were up, the score was 13-6.

“I think we should work more on boxing out,” L. Guyer said. “They got a lot of offensive rebounds so we want to stop that and also make sure to control the ball when we're on offense because we just need to slow down.”

Entering into the second eight minutes, Moore scored the first two points of the quarter. A travel was called on the Eagles, allowing the Marauders to gain possession of the ball. L. Guyer was fouled by an Eagle player and had two shots from the free throw line. She ended up missing both, and a timeout was called on the court. After the timeout, another foul was called on the Eagles and the Marauders gained the ball back. Both teams put up a fight and the Marauder defense did not allow the Eagles to get close to the basket. K. Guyer drove the ball down the court, upping the score on the scoreboard. At halftime, the score was 21-10.

Because it was Alumni Night for the girls and boys team, the women’s alumni were recognized at halftime. Katy Gimbel is an alum of the Lady Marauders basketball team and is now head coach.

“I feel like we played pretty well,” K. Guyer said. “I have been coming back from some injuries and they have been feeling better so that is good. Our defense was a lot better because I was moving my feet and talking a lot which is good.”

After halftime was over, the girls got back on the court in game mode. In the first few minutes, the Marauders fouled the Eagles. They were able to have two shots from the free throw line. Sophomore Molly Mcdonald scored for the Marauders by a pass from junior Journey Kramer. L. Guyer then scored another three pointer for the night. At the end of the third quarter, the game score was 32-13 and the Marauders were in the lead.

“I was really happy with the intensity our girls brought to the game and with the effort they put in to come away with a win,” Gimbel said.

As the last eight minutes began, sophomore Sofia Evers was put in the game and got fouled. She scored one of her two points from the free throw line. As the game became close in the end, the Marauders took the lead and the final score of the night was 41-28.


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