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Money Can’t Buy Good Drivers

Why Teens Should Not Drive Luxury Vehicles

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In a private school setting, there is a prevailing stereotype associating teenagers with the ownership of luxury vehicles. A luxury car is a car where the interior amenities are often more plentiful and of higher quality, the safety features can be more advanced, and the performance is greater. Some examples of luxury car brands are BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Audi, Lincoln and Lexus. However, it is not practical for teens to be driving such expensive cars. Young drivers are more prone to accidents during their first year of driving, leading to high costs to fix the damages if driving an expensive car. Teens who are gifted luxury cars may be robbed of the  experience of purchasing their dream car later on in their life due to the fact that they have already received a top of the line car at such a young age.

Teenage drivers are more prone to car accidents than more experienced drivers who would typically see driving a luxury car. It is estimated that one in five teenagers will be involved in some sort of accident during their first year of driving. This can lead to extensive damages to teens' vehicles, ones that are seen as a bigger deal on a luxury car which can require immense amounts of time and money to replace. 

Luxury cars incur significantly higher repair costs compared to standard vehicles. Beyond the already elevated maintenance expenses, averaging around $20,000 annually, addressing dents or damages to car parts adds an extra layer of financial burden.The required higher grade materials are also incredibly more difficult to find than standard car parts. In some cases, luxury vehicles also require specialized mechanics to service and fix luxury vehicles.

Bestowing the most luxurious car upon teens immediately upon receiving their license robs them of the anticipation and gratification associated with achieving their dream car through hard work. The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes with earning and driving the coveted vehicle is a valuable lesson that is forfeited when teens are handed their dream car at a young age. Encountering this personal achievement is a crucial experience for all young adults to undergo.

Although one could make the case that luxury cars offer enhanced safety features for teenagers, it's essential to note that the majority of these vehicles are designed with a focus on high-speed performance. Over half of teen drivers violate traffic laws, most of these violations involve instances of speeding. In addition to the overarching issue of speeding among teenage drivers, operating a car engineered for higher speeds can potentially tempt teens to exceed the designated speed limits.Driving at high speeds is very dangerous and can result in losing control of the vehicle.

While driving a luxury car can have its benefits, teenagers do not need to be driving such pricey vehicles. There are other less luxurious options of cars that teens can drive that are not top of the line luxury cars.


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