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No Mercy

Gallery: Maclay vs. Community Christian Soccer Game

Shooting His Shot - Senior Aiden Merritt takes a shot against Community Christian.

Settle Down - Sophomore Reid Roberts settles the ball to gain control over the play. He makes a quick pass to his teammates to keep the play going.

Passing Along - Sophomore Luke Daunt makes a cross play to his teammate for an attempted goal. The anticipation builds as the ball crosses the field, waiting for the next move.

No Mercy - The Maclay varsity boys soccer team mercy rules Community Christian School. The Marauders beat them 8-0 and had 12 minutes left to spare in the game.

Make Way - Senior Ellis Strickland uses his head to score the sixth goal of the game. He scored off of a corner kick from sophomore Santi Núñez.

Look Alive - Sophomore Santi Núñez looks for a teammate to make a throw to. He scans the field for an open player to make the perfect pass to.

Kickin' It - Senior Andy Baker kicks a free kick with power and precision, sending the ball soaring towards the goal.

Head in the Game - Núñez heads the ball to keep the ball in play. His attempt did not work, but he shakes it off and is ready for the next opportunity.

Fight for It - Núñez battles for the ball against Community Christian School. He puts up a fight, showcasing his skills and determination on the field.

Photos by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian


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