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The Advantages of Having a Sibling in High School With You

Photo by Blair Bayliss/Maclay Andalusian

Siblings. Our built-in best friend that we’re stuck with for life whether we like it or not.

From arguing over anything and everything to hanging out every second of the day, sibling relationships are one of the most special and unique experiences one could have in a lifetime. This is especially true when siblings are close in age with only a few years difference. Growing up like this allows for an even closer bond to form between siblings, knowing they are going through similar experiences at the same time with one of the most prominent events being school. Despite the fights and disagreements that come along with having a sibling that's close in age, having a family member in a school setting is extremely beneficial and an overall fun opportunity to experience.

One of the best things that comes along with having a sibling in high school with you is that you won’t ever have to go through life alone. When entering high school as a freshman, you can get overwhelmed quickly. Having an older sibling that's in the same school as you every day means that they can show you where your classes are from prior experience, so you won’t get lost, instead of frantically running around campus alone wondering where you're supposed to be. In addition, hanging out around your friends at school is always fun, but if you find yourself in a disagreement with no one to sit with, or just need a change of scenery every once in a while, a sibling will always let you hang out with them, even if they don’t always show it.

As well as constantly having someone to hangout around, having a sibling that roams around high school with you also serves as a valuable life lesson. Both siblings, younger and older, can teach the other important life skills that friends cannot always teach. For instance, a younger sibling who is still new to navigating high school and could get anxious with the workload displaced or the range of landscape that they must learn to get from class to class. An older sibling will see this and show empathy to the younger sibling as they went through the same thing. On the other hand, a senior or junior can teach the younger sibling how to manage the life of a highschooler and teach them practical responsibilities that friends won’t be able to do. Upperclassmen took some or most of the same classes that underclassmen are now taking, so they have the ability to help them whenever it's needed.

While having a sibling that’s in highschool with you comes with its perks, there's also a downside that comes along with it. Having a sibling that's close in age means that you have to share a lot. Whether that’s splitting attention from your parents or fighting over who gets to wear what, siblings are constantly having to divide up their things between their brother or sister. Being in high school with your sibling means sharing yet another aspect of your life: the high school experience. Showcasing that individuality that every teenager longs for can become almost impossible, forcing siblings to lash out onto each other, ruining their relationship. Although these factors could scare a sibling into ignoring the other when at school, knowing that a sibling bond is so much more than a ridiculous school fight, but rather a strong and special connection can help avoid issues altogether when in rough times.

Furthermore, having a sibling that is in high school with you can be one the most meaningful opportunities you can get during your teen years. Having that connection will greatly improve sibling relationships and their overall growth. No matter the grade, every high school student is struggling their way to get to graduation, and having a sibling by your side through all of it helps more than you could imagine.


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