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Amazon Opens a New Building in Tallahassee

Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash

Amazon opened a building in Tallahassee, Florida, located on 2635 Vineland Dr. to the public on Sept. 14. It cost 200 million dollars to construct the building, and many local places in Tallahassee donated money to help with the cost in hopes that it will create more jobs for people in the community.

There are many Amazon buildings located around the United States such as New York, Massachusetts and Colorado. In each place, Amazon booms with business, which causes local stores to shut down because people are buying their products from Amazon instead of their local stores. Still, some residents believe that the Amazon building could be beneficial for Tallahassee.

“I think having an Amazon building in Tallahassee will be a lot better for our city and we can thrive better as an economy,” sophomore Grayson Stevens said.

The Amazon building will need around 1,000 workers to manage the establishment, opening new job opportunities to help create a better economy for Tallahassee. The new building will also increase the sales at Amazon, assuming that the workers will buy their items.

“I assume it will make jobs, so if we don’t have people here that need jobs, they will hire people from outside [of Tallahassee],” upper school science teacher Kristin Kline said. 

Surrounding areas could benefit from these job openings as well, which could increase the population of the city because more people are looking at Amazon's opening. Since Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University as well as many high schools are located in Tallahassee, numerous college and highschool students will end up buying items from Amazon. As a result, the business will need a lot of help to get packages out quickly. 

“Now that shipping is faster, it becomes more accessible for people to use,” freshman Reagan Cumming said.

Although there has not been a drastic change since the opening, many Tallahassee residents believe there will be in the near future.


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