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Revenge for the Marauders

The Maclay Boys Varsity Basketball Team Beats North Florida Christian 48-38 in the Battle for Meridian Road

Photo by Todd Greene on Unsplash

The Battle for Meridian Road game had fans on the edge of their seats on Monday, Jan. 22.  When it was all said and done, the Marauders silenced the crowd with a 48-38 win over the Eagles. Maclay gets back in the win column as they improve to 6-15 in the season. The Marauders have now beaten North Florida Christian (NFC) five times in the past six matchups.

Throughout the entirety of the game, both teams were neck and neck, each trading baskets throughout the first half. When the first half buzzer sounded, each team headed into the locker room knowing the importance of the second half.

Much like the first half, the second half was a close 16 minutes. But late in the third quarter, the Marauders started to pick things up. They began forcing crucial turnovers and scoring in transition. Maclay did not look back as they kept the lead throughout the fourth quarter. While NFC cut the once double digit lead down to three, the Marauders stayed resilient. The team made key plays down the stretch and came out victorious.

“We came out and just wanted to dominate,” senior captain Jalen Crawford said. “The first time there were a lot of mistakes that were fixable, and we locked in throughout the whole game and did not have any lapses.”

The noise from NFC’s student section was an obstacle that the Marauders were able to overcome. NFC students were yelling and screaming the whole game; however, Maclay blocked out the noise and focused on what was on the court.

“Their fans played a big role, and they were loud,” junior Andrew Lunt said. “But, we did what we should on the court.”

Every player on the team did not try to overachieve. They all did their jobs and parts to come out victorious.

“We were focused and had one goal of winning,” junior Nash Beshears said. “We worked together as a team.”

The Marauders look to win back to back games against Episcopal on Friday, Jan. 26. Maclay only has three more games left until their last home game against Chiles on Jan. 31 where they look to get revenge against the Timberwolves on their Senior Night.


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