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Right in the Glove

Gallery: Maclay vs. Florida High Softball Game

Catching the signs - Freshman Camille Lillie looks at the third-base coach to receive the signs for her next at-bat. In the bottom of the third inning, the Marauders are down by three runs and Lillie wants to make sure she gets the right signs and a hit to score for her team.

Finding the seams - Senior Victoria Gainey feels the seams of the ball to form the perfect grip for her next pitch. Since it is her senior night, she wants to put her all into her pitches, and this is exactly what she did.

It’s a bunt - Freshman Sophia Lee squares the plate as she gets ready to bunt the ball. As the opposing team yells, “Bunt!” all the infielders take a few steps closer to the plate to make sure they are prepared for what Lee brings to the game.

Leaping for it - Freshman Camille Lillie leaps for the pitch to make sure the ball doesn’t go past her. With the Marauders down by seven, Lillie makes sure to catch the ball so a baserunner won’t steal a base.

Hey batter batter - In the bottom of the second inning, seventh-grader Anelise Evers gets ready at the plate for her second time batting this game. She makes sure her feet are shoulders-length apart and has the correct grip on the bat.

Off the barrel - Freshman Addison Liepshutz makes contact with the ball as it heads straight down the left field foul line. The clay gets turned up as Liepshutz turns her feet into a vertical line to follow through from her swing.

Right in the glove - Junior Madison Walmsley catches a ball thrown by freshman

Sophia Lee as they get ready for the third inning. With the game being

tied up Walmley prepares for the outs at first base this time at defense.

Getting ready to run - Freshman Emmi Cayer watches as the pitcher pitches the ball to make sure she doesn’t get her lead before the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. Cayer then looks at the third base coach waiting for a sign.

Strike! - Senior Victoria Gainey finishes her pitch as freshman Camille Lillie, the catcher, catches the ball right in the pocket of her glove. Gainey finishes with a “four-shaped stance” with her legs and her arm in the air propelled by its momentum.

Photos by Laura Zaidan/Maclay Andalusian


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