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Scoring on the Stallions

The Maclay Varsity Boys Soccer Team Played in a Regional Game Against the Providence Stallions

Photo by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the boys varsity soccer team played in a regional game against the Providence Stallions in Jacksonville, Florida. The chilly weather did not stop the Marauders from beating the Stallions in this regional game.

The Stallions started the kickoff, which was quickly sent out of bounds. The Marauders then had a throw-in to junior Barnes Ray. After being in possession of the ball, Ray kicked the ball closely to the Stallions goal. The Stallions goalkeeper punted the ball back down the field, flying over the Marauders defense leaving a one on one with the Stallions striker, but the Marauders goalkeeper, sophomore Max Colon saved the ball from going in. Junior Zac Scovotto was close to scoring but was blocked by the Stallions goalkeeper.

“I feel like personally I did very well,” Scovotto said.

After the 20 minutes were up and coming off a quick water break, the boys were back on the field in game mode. While the Marauders kept the ball down in the Stallions endzone, Scovotto assisted sophomore Luke Daunt to score the first goal of the night. And the score after the first half was 2-0.

Scovotto kicked off the ball the second half of the game, passing the ball back to junior Gavin Slocum. After 10 minutes into the second half, sophomore Santi Nunez took a corner kick and Scovotto scored with a header. The Stallions then received the ball back and kicked from half field.

“It was really good for me to score last night because it was a very close game,” Daunt said. Scoring really helped us put more goals back in the net.”

As the night was getting late, the Marauders turned up their speed a notch and junior Jack Daunt scored the third goal of the game assisted by Ray. Then the Stallions  kicked the ball off again from half field. Quickly, the Marauders stepped to the ball winning the final game. J. Daunt scored the final goal of the night, ending the game with a score of 4-0.


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