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Soccer Stars

Gallery: Maclay vs. Chiles Soccer Game

Warm Ups - Maclay’s Boys Soccer team gets ready to go head-on with Chiles High School. They begin warming up with drills to get themselves ready for the game ahead.

Heads Up! - Junior Zac Scovotto jumps up and heads the ball to pass it to his teammate. He hopes Maclay will break the tie to make it 1-0 Maclay.

Kickin’ It - Junior Zac Scovotto wins the ball, defeating his Chiles defender. He sprints down the field in the hope of scoring a goal to break the 0-0 tie.

“I’m Not Throwing Away My Shot” - Sophomore Luke Daunt gets ready to kick the ball to one of his teammates. He signals to his team he is about to kick the ball to get them ready to recover it.


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