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Starting a Soccer Season

Gallery: Soccer Pre-Season Training

Refuse To Lose - The boys varsity soccer team is getting ready for the upcoming season with intense preseason training. As they push themselves to the limit, they are strengthening not only their physical abilities, but also their mental toughness and team spirit.

Chasing Goals - To warm up every day, the boys soccer team runs two laps around the practice field. As the season begins, the boys high school soccer team is getting geared up through intense preseason training. With the upcoming season just around the corner, the team is working hard to get in top shape and hone their skills on the field. 

Pre-Season Conditioning - The team does conditioning drills such as football gassers, wave sprints, and running exercises to prepare them for the tough season ahead. Soccer players can run up to seven miles during each game.

One Team, One Goal - Maclay boys soccer coach Andrew Warner shares the importance of teamwork and commitment. Warner explains that if the team does not put their trust in each other they will not succeed.

Big Game Players - Goalies Elias Strickland and Carson Stockton work with Coach Warner separately. Warner gives personalized individual corrections and drills specific to each goalie. Individual player development contributes to overall team success during the season.

It’s Good To Have Goals - The high school boys aren’t the only ones putting in the work. Boys middle school soccer is not only preparing for soccer season, but they are also working toward playing for Maclay upper school soccer in the future.

Don’t Force the Stretch - The soccer team stretches before stepping foot on the pitch. This helps to warm up the muscles and prepare them for the physical demands of the sport. Consistent stretching before and after workouts can improve flexibility and range of motion, which can prevent muscle strains and other injuries.

Kill the Game - Junior Midfielder Jack Daunt engages in a kick around warm up.  Daunt will be returning to the midfield this year hoping to beat last season’s team record of 15-4.

Striker! - Sophomore Santi Nunez practicing his follow through after taking a shot on goal. Nunez plays Striker. Strikers are responsible for putting the team in scoring position by attacking.


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