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State Bound

The Varsity Boys Soccer Team Beats Florida High 2-1 in Overtime to Advance Onto the State Final Four Match

Photo by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian

On Feb. 14, the Maclay boys varsity soccer team played in the regional finals against their cross-town rival, Florida High. Earlier in the season, the Marauders tied the Seminoles 1-1 and beat them 2-0. Now that both teams are in the postseason, it is do or die. If they win, they will advance to the State Playoffs, but if they lose, they will be going home. Faith was on the Marauders' side that night, and they defeated the Seminoles 2-1 and will be playing in the State tournament next Wednesday.

The Marauders started kickoff and held possession for the first two minutes of the game. The Marauders and Seminoles battled constantly throughout the first quarter of the game, with no shots on goal. During the second quarter, the Seminoles got a ball past Maclay’s sophomore goalkeeper Max Colon, and scored the first goal of the game, making the score 0-1.

Although they were down in score, the Marauders held their heads up high and kept playing their game. Both teams played aggressively, craving the win. With five minutes remaining in the game, junior Zac Scovotto scored the first goal for the Marauders, tying the score to 1-1.

“I feel that my performance was very good, because I was able to do my job and help the team win,” Scovotto said. “The team as a whole played amazing. We were really well connected with each other throughout the game.”

Even though the final buzzer sounded, the game was not over. The game went into overtime and neither team scored a goal. The Seminoles got called on a handball, and the Marauders got a chance to score. Scovotto took the penalty kick and scored the second goal of the game for the Marauders, making the final score 2-1, securing the win for the Marauders.

“We have been practicing them [penalty kicks] all year, and my coaches trusted me to score,” Scovotto said. “ I didn’t feel any pressure, because it is something that I have been doing all season and was used to doing.”

The Marauders will use the momentum from this win in the game next week against Downtown Doral on Wednesday, Feb. 21, as they play in the State Final Four match.


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