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Struggle on the Sand

The Marauders Lose Their First Match After Spring Break Against Chiles

Photo Courtesy of Blair Bayliss/Maclay Andalusian

The Maclay girls beach volleyball team's struggle against Chiles continued into the beach volleyball season on Wednesday, March 20. The Marauders’ experience and teamwork were no match for Chiles, losing all six matches. While the team lost, they learned from their failures and hope to rebound in the near future. 

Junior Kayla Iarossi and freshman Aubrey Benners were one of the first matches against the Timberwolves. While Iarossi and Benners battled throughout the entirety of the match, they ended up being defeated.

Then, junior Landri Ross and senior Kate Hartman faced off against two talented Chiles players. Much like Iarossi and Benners, they came up short in their match. Junior Ava Molthen and sophomore Addison Davis were also defeated by the Timberwolves. 

“We just tried to overcomplicate things too much instead of simplifying,” Ross said. “We need to communicate and talk to our partner about what works and what doesn’t work.”

Senior Katelyn Eldred and junior Journey Kramer faced the two best players on Chiles. While they fought for every point, the Timberwolves’ talent was too much for the Marauders. One of the last matches featured junior Charlotte Siervogel and freshman Bella Krizner. Siervogel and Krizner came up short, just as the rest of the team did.

“Beach volleyball is a lot more complicated than indoors,” Kramer said. “We just need to try to find out the right techniques.”

The team may have lost every match, but they walked away with valuable lessons. The Marauders will learn from their mistakes and improve their strengths. 

“We all worked hard and even though it didn’t pay off in this match,” Iarossi said. “We will come back stronger and more prepared for the next one. ​​I’m proud of our girls.”

As they begin preparation for their next matches, the team has a chance to bounce back against Chiles later in the season. The Marauders have almost a week to prepare for their game against Leon on Tuesday, March 26. 


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