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The Marauders Tame the Wolves

Maclay Varsity Boys Lacrosse Beats Chiles 9-5

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

The Maclay boys lacrosse season is finally back and as strong as ever. For their first game of the season, the Marauders played against Chiles High School.There was no doubt in their minds that they could destroy the Wolfpack. On Feb. 14, Chiles hosted the game against Maclay at 7 p.m.

During the first faceoff, sophomore Abram Wildrick won the ball, enabling them to start with possession of the ball. The battle between teams was intense, hitting and slashing at each other in order to get the ball and score. In the first seven seconds  senior Brad Garrish scored the first point.

Before the first quarter was over, Garrish and junior Austin Koleman shot and scored, but the game was not over yet. Chiles was only losing by one point, and they were ready to bounce back into business.

“Even though we were up, I felt like our momentum was in our half and we needed to keep it up,” Wildrick said. “Goals can be shifted depending on who has the ball at certain times, and anybody can score depending on how fast they want to.”

During the second quarter, the Marauders did not score, rather struggled to defend while Chiles scored another goal right before half time.

The team’s nine minute pep talk encouraged the boys to work their  best to score more goals and defend better. They talked about how to improve and strengths they had last season.

In the third quarter, the Marauders once again beat Chiles by speed, strength and skills. They scored three more points by Kolman, sophomore Brayden Smith and freshman William Beaty, while Chiles only scored one.

“If we didn't stop giving it our all, then we probably would've lost,” Wildrick said. “We didn't play as well as we wanted to but we still came out on top and we need to work harder to get better and that was a good start for the season.”

Maclay knew they had to take the victory for the night during the last quarter of the game Three more goals were scored on Chiles by junior Jack Kole, Beaty and Koleman, finally winning 9-5.

“[To win the first game of the season] felt pretty good,” Kolman said. “The team played well [and] we got better as the game went on.”

The Maclay varsity boy’s lacrosse team has their next game away on Feb. 15, against West Florida at 8 p.m.


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