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They Shoot and Score!

Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse is Going to the Olympics in 2028

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

Ground balls, passes, shots, saves and more can be watched in the next Olympics. Due to lacrosse gaining popularity all over the world, in the next infamous games both men's and women's lacrosse will be performing. Many athletes who have worked hard to perform on an Olympic level, are appreciative of this opportunity and believe this can gain even more popularity to the sport. The sport being brought to the Olympics is sharing the culture of the sport and its originality. 

“I think it’s awesome," lacrosse coach Justin VanTassel said. “I think it’s the original sport of the Americas, the indigenous people played and it's about time it's in the Olympics.” 

Maclay has been working on bringing this sport back with its culture. Last year, Maclay added girls varsity lacrosse as an option for middle school and high school girls to play. The Maclay team is the first girl's lacrosse team in Tallahassee. Many players on the team believe that when girls lacrosse moves to the Olympics it will quickly gain popularity.

“I think a lot more people will watch it [lacrosse] and especially for the girls' team,” junior Riley Robinton said. 

Due to girl's lacrosse not being a well-known sport, many girl's lacrosse players are hoping that the Olympics will gain the sport's greater attention. 

With the sport being added to the Olympics, it is predicted that lacrosse will gain immense popularity. 

“I think it is cool that it [lacrosse] is going to the Olympics and I think it will gain a lot of popularity,” junior Carson Stockston said. 

It has been proven in the past that it can be difficult to get a sport added to the Olympics. A Lot of people are hoping that gaining lacrosse to the Olympics, will shine a spotlight on the sport and help it in popularity. 


Maclay is giving great opportunities to students who play the sport and train hard every day. With lacrosse going to the Olympics, it will gain the sport's attention and help Maclay’s lacrosse team grow as a community. 


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