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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Gallery: Volleyball Senior Night

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun - Maclay volleyball coaches Daijah Washington, Latoya Davis, R.J. White and Sophia Dalton are congratulated for their coaching this season. Although the season passed quickly, Maclay is grateful for its coaches.

Clocking Out - Senior Katelyn Eldred, accompanied by her mom and dad, is recognized at Maclay volleyball senior night. After four long years of playing volleyball at Maclay, Eldred’s final high school season comes to an end. She plans to pursue her volleyball career at Maryville College.

Going Pink - Senior Abbie Hartmann and freshman Kate Hartmann deck out their volleyball shoes to honor Breast Cancer awareness month.

Closer To The W - As 25 points approaches, each point is just as important as the last. The Maclay Varsity Volleyball team cheers on one another and keeps the energy up as each point passes.

Stepping Up - Senior Abbie Hartmann is cheered on by the crowd as she steps up to serve. In the background, the student section displays cardboard cutouts of each senior. Brooke Nohle, Katekyn Eldred and Abbie Hartmann are all getting cheered on a little louder.

Giving It Our All - The varsity volleyball team is ready to work for the win. All their hard work this season has paid off and they are confident in themselves and each other. Each player is ready to step on the court and play for one another as they will not be on the court all together for much longer.

Taking Time - The season comes to a bittersweet end and senior and junior players Brooke Nohle and Kayla Iarossi reminisce about their time on the court. Soon, the post season will start and players get a little more time as a team.

The Crowd Goes Wild - Friends, family and fellow students come to support the seniors during their last in season game. As the team is introduced, each player throws a Maclay volleyball stress ball into the crowd.

Huddle Up - The Marauders use a timeout to work on team mentality and trust in each other. This along with team bonding throughout the season makes them more successful and able to rely on one another.

There Is No “I” In Team - The varsity team poses for a group photo to end the season. Early morning summer practices, team bonding, in-season practices and pre games all lead up to senior night. Although the team will miss their seniors, Maclay is excited for what is to come.


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