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Uniting a Community

Maclay Reacts to the First FSU Home Game of the Season

The Florida State University (FSU) football team has practiced rigorously all year, projecting their hard work and dedication onto the field this season. After the Seminoles won 45-24 against LSU on Sept. 3, 2023, in Orlando, Seminole fans were enthusiastic for the first home game on Sept. 9, 2023. The game was held at the Doak Campbell Stadium against Southern Miss at 8:30 p.m. Fans from all over the United States were overjoyed to see their team play for the first time of the season in Tallahassee. Maclay students who are FSU fans gathered to celebrate before the big game.

“The tailgate was incredibly fun, we spent it by watching other college football games that were happening or already happened and eating food people had brought to share with everyone,” junior Carson Conway said. “Being able to see my friends, family and other people all coming together hours before to support our team really kept a smile on my face the whole night.”

Starting at around 7:30-8 p.m., FSU fans filled the stadium on every side, excited for the game. The Doak Campbell Stadium surprised fans with its newly installed LED spotlights. 

While playing the national anthem, red, white and blue LED lights lit up the stadium, producing a light show for everyone to experience and enjoy.  

“The new light setup was awesome,” Conway said. “Singing the national anthem in the dark with it illuminating the whole crowd was truly something special.”

The football teams’ plays did not disappoint the audience. FSU’s 66-13 win against Southern Miss was no surprise to most people. One of FSU’s biggest fans, Maclay upper school art teacher Ismael Milligan, had a lot to say regarding the team.

“I think the team [FSU] has been amazing this year, and I know Southern Miss, for an FCS team, is likely to win their conference, and so they’re pretty good,” Milligan said. “I knew FSU just couldn't be matched with the athletes and the coaching that they have.”

FSU’s year-round training has significantly impacted their playing on the field. From what Maclay students have seen so far, they know the FSU football team will do great this year.

“They just all have a more positive mindset,” sophomore Addy Papuchis said. “They’re all working really hard because everyone wants to win.”

Sports games are not just games for the Maclay community. They are a source of happiness and unification to bring everyone together. 

“It changes the city. It changes the people in the city. Everybody’s happier, everybody’s more upbeat,” Milligan said. “If you wear garnet and gold at Publix, people will smile at you.”

FSU’s success rate has brought happiness to fans all across the country, allowing families to come together and make memories that will stick with them moving forward. The excitement builds up for the next game on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023, against the Boston College Eagles in Boston, Massachusetts at 12 p.m.


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