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Weightlifting Wednesday

The Varsity Girls' First Weightlifting Meet

Photo by Aleksander Saks on Unsplash

It is finally weightlifting season, the sport everyone has all been waiting for. The varsity girls weightlifting meet occurred on Nov. 1. Their first official meet was held at Altha Public High School, beginning at two p.m. The girls prepare almost every day and condition for their sport. They are required to lift at least three times a week at the Maclay weightroom. They spend hours lifting and conditioning for the meet, and it is finally their time to shine.

The athletes were more than prepared to walk into the meet and compete against three different schools including Altha, Sneads and Blountstown. The Marauders were confident that they would do great, especially after all their preparation.

The Maclay athletes participated in numerous events such as benching, clean and jerk and the snatch. Competing in the 154 and 129 weight class, juniors Kate Reichelderfer and Elizabeth Dowdy competed against three other schools.

Dowdy competed in the 154 weight class. With a 130 pound bench, 200 pound clean and jerk and 145 pound snatch, she won the traditional and Olympic. Her hard work showed during this time when she beat every girl in her class.

Although Dowdy won two different classes, she believes there is always room to improve.

“I can improve on my bench where I went lighter on this meet,” Dowdy said. “I can also try to improve on my form and mindset before I lift.”

The meet was a great experience for everyone. Most people had a lot of fun competing with new people and enjoying time with friends.

“It was overall a great meet and [a] super fun environment,” Reichelderfer said. “The team did really good for it being our first meet of the season.”

The fun weightlifting sport attracted many new students to join the team. Not only did the Maclay marauders cheer for their team, but the positive environment allowed other teams to cheer for their competitors. 

“Everyone is very supportive,” Dowdy said. “Preparing for meets, lifting and working on form is important.” 

After their first great experience during the meet, the Marauders are ready to prepare for the next meet which is on Nov. 11 against Blountstown.


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