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A Friday Fight

Maclay Battles Against the Rocky Bayou Christian Football Team

Photo by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian

As the Maclay varsity football team reaches their second to last game of the season with an overall score of 3-5, the games become more and more intense, as the pressure builds up. On Oct. 27, the Marauders had an away game against Rocky Bayou Christian. After traveling almost three hours for the game in Niceville, the team was nervous but prepared for the game. 

“As usual, we watched film and looked at what formations they [Rocky Bayou] ran.” senior linebacker Nathan Lillie said. 

The team examined thoroughly how they played so they could counteract their skill.

After learning from the last game’s loss, the Marauders knew exactly what to work on. The Marauders scored almost every ball possession except one. At first, the Maclay team started with a 14-0 score, with the help of junior George Grant and freshman Tucker Poppell. 

As Rocky Bayou Christian saw how competitive the Marauders played, they began to step up their game. Then, the defensive players struggled as they let up 32 points during the first half. The tension between teams grew as they each fought for touchdowns. 

“Offensively we played really well scoring 49 points” junior Davis Malone said. “Defensively we could have done a lot better because we allowed 34 points, but overall a win is a win.”

The Marauders successfully won the game due to their hard work. The coaches were proud of the boys for staying focused throughout the game, and preparation that took place in order to secure a win.

The joy was brought to the team after winning. Improvement was shown through his game.

“The offense showed lots of improvement and their consistent scoring helped us stay in the game because our defense looked slower than usual, but we held on and got the win.” Lillie said.

The Marauders finally ended with a 49-34 winning score that projected their hard work displayed on the field.

The last football game of the season before playoffs will be a home game on Friday, Nov. 3 against Taylor County (non-district).


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