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A Tiger Takeover

The Lady Marauders Played in a Varsity Volleyball Game Against the Blountstown Tigers

Photo by Laura Zaidan/Maclay Andalusian

On Monday, Sept.18, the Lady Marauder varsity volleyball team played against the Blountstown Tigers in the Webster Center at Maclay School. With the excitement building up, friends and family gathered around to cheer on their daughters and support them through the entirety of the game.

In set one, the Marauders had possession of the ball first. They scored their first point after the first serve of the game, yet missed their second serve, allowing for the Tigers to gain possession of the ball and score their first point. Libero of the team, senior Katelyn Eldred, made many digs to keep the ball in bounds and over the net. When the score got to 7-3 and the Tigers were down, they called a timeout. The Marauders got back on the court and senior Abbie Hartmann secured a strong hit for her team. As the first set was coming to an end, junior Kayla Iarossi scored the winning point and the game score was 25-13. The Marauders were in the lead. 

The Tigers started with the ball in the second set and messed up the serve, which gave the Marauders their first point. From the beginning to the end of the set, the score was back and forth in close score. Junior Gray Burleson had a powerful hit for the Marauders, upping the score on the scoreboard. Senior Brooke Nohle positioned the ball to fly over the net in a gap where no players were and scored another point for the Marauders. The score was 9-9 when Maclay called a timeout on the court. When the teams got back on the court, Hartmann served for the Marauders and her ball was short of the net. The second set game score came to 23-25 and the Tigers were in the lead. With both teams securing one win, they were tied.

“I think as a team we really performed in the first set and then our energy had a drastic drop in the last three sets,” Burleson said. “I think that was super detrimental to the score because if we kept our energy the same that we did in the first set then I definitely think we could have pulled through with the game, but I think that since we were just super inconsistent that's what made the game a tough one.”

Launching the ball into the third set, the Marauders served first. The energy was high due to both teams having one win. The Marauders were down about four points until Burleson smacked the ball over the net, scoring a point for her team. A timeout was called by Maclay when the score was 6-2 and the Marauders were losing. The Tigers came on top and hit several hard serves, sets and spikes. At the end of the third set, the score was 25-9, and the Marauders were behind. 

“I am going to work on being more consistent and my hitting in tomorrow night’s game,” Hartmann said.

The fourth and final set of the game finally made its way round to the court and the Tigers were putting up more points on the scoreboard. When the score got to 3-7 and the Marauders were down, they called a timeout. Not many points by the Marauders were scored in this set. The final score came to 25-10 and the Marauders lost to the Tigers. 

“I think it's just like wanting to play for your teammates and wanting to perform for your team is really important to me,” Eldred said. “It helps me push through when we're in a hole.”


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