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Five Job Ideas for Teenagers to Have This Summer

Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash

As school comes to an end, and the weather gets warmer, students are eager to push their books aside and enjoy their summer. For most teenagers, this means relaxing out by the pool, traveling with friends and family, sleeping in or getting a summer job. Getting a part-time job over the summer is a great way for students to earn a little bit of extra money going into the next few months. For students who are struggling to pick what job to apply for this summer, these five job ideas are a great place to start!

1. Camp Counselor

One of the most popular jobs that teenagers gravitate towards in the summer is being a camp counselor. Many students, during the summer, have had the pleasure of attending summer camp for up to weeks at a time, making new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Becoming a camp counselor is a great way to keep that tradition alive while having fun at the same time. Camp counselors are outside a majority of the time, helping out with activities, meeting fellow staff members and exploring everything that nature has to offer. This is a great option for individuals who want to stay active during the summer and is one of the most enjoyable jobs that a teenager could have.

2. Lifeguard

Another common job that teenagers love to do during the summer is becoming a lifeguard. Similar to a camp counselor, lifeguards are out in the sun all day and experience many benefits. However, this job also comes with its challenges, and is a big responsibility that must be taken seriously. Lots of training goes into becoming an official lifeguard, and staff members must be on the lookout at all times, and not messing around. Despite the hard work, being a lifeguard is super rewarding, and helping others can give you a different outlook on life itself.

3. Nanny

Since school is out, another great job idea that one may want to consider is to be a nanny. Being a nanny is a great opportunity for those who enjoy being around kids. Aside from being one of the more entertaining jobs, being a nanny also means you get to play around with Legos, Play-Doh, Barbie dolls and other nostalgic toys all day long. Being a nanny is unlike any other job one could have, but it does come with a lot of accountability and awareness that one must have in order to be a good nanny.

4. Sports Coach

One job idea that seems to go unnoticed during the summer is becoming a coach for your local sports team or club. While this may only apply to those who play a sport, being able to coach young athletes in a sport that you play, and love has several great advantages. Whether that’s helping with a basic sports camp or coaching the more advanced groups, you will have a great time teaching the younger kids all about the sport you know like the back of your hand. Being a coach will also help athletes gain a better perspective on the sport as a whole and can help improve one’s technique and overall performance.


5. Pet Sitter

Lastly, a summer gig that high school students may find amusing is being a pet sitter for neighbors, friends or family members. Many families may leave town to go on vacation during the summer and will need someone to watch over their beloved pets. A pet sitter is responsible for walking dogs, feeding them, filling up their water bowls, letting them out regularly, administering medicines if needed and setting time aside to give them attention. Pet sitters must also be reliable and have a good relationship with the family that you would be working for, so they would know their pet would be in good hands.


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