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Feeling the Love

Gallery: 2024 Grandparents Day

Feeling the Love - Grandparents are the heartbeats of families. 

A Look Into Our Lives - Headmaster James Milford allows grandparents to get a look into their grandchildren’s lives on campus. Students are able to give their grandparents a tour of campus and explain their schedules. 

Coming Together - Families reunite over breakfast, conversation and a movie.

Full House - Grandparents Day was a huge success this year, with grandparents and grandchildren filling Webster Gym. 

Core Memories - Sophomore Abbie Shaffer spends time with her grandma Betsy while making memories they will never forget.

Importance - Sophomore Layla Pelligrino expresses the importance of her relationship with her grandparents. “I love talking to them [grandparents] and being around them since they are such a big part of my life,” she said.

Bonds - Grandparents day is the best way to spend time with one of a kind people and express love for them.

Cinematic Experience - Grandparents and their grandchildren are treated to refreshments while enjoying a movie.

All Smiles - The Hartmans, Kate and Abby, pose for a picture with their grandmother.


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