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Prepared for the Season

The Maclay Volleyball Team Preps for This Upcoming Season

Photo by Blair Bayliss/Maclay Andalusian

The Maclay volleyball team is ready to take the court for the 2023-2024 season. The Marauders have practiced and worked on their craft all summer long. They have spent endless amounts of hours running on the track, working out in the weight room and coming together on the court. The Marauders have shown what it takes to have a successful season through these early morning practices and difficult workouts.

“I feel like we have worked so hard this summer and starting our days at five a.m. with the team shows true dedication,” junior Gray Burleson said.

The Marauders have a much different roster than last year and while they may have lost many talented players, they have also gained some new players.

“This program is booming,” junior Kayla Iarossi said. “We have lots of new faces with extraordinary talent and volleyball skills.”

During the offseason, the Marauders have worked tirelessly to enhance their overall performances while also focusing on their weaknesses.

“Something we are making stronger is the consistency of our serve, receive and setting,” senior Katelyn Eldred said.

The volleyball team has also worked on developing their strengths.

“Some of our team’s strengths going into the season are our ability to work cohesively on the court and effectively execute specific plays,” Eldred said.

The Marauders have high expectations heading into the season. The team is determined to complete their goals for the year.

“A few of my suggested team goals are that we have an undefeated season, make it to regionals again and to always side out before the other team scores three points,” Eldred said.

Throughout the months, Coach Daijah Washington, along with the rest of the team are continuing to work hard for the upcoming season that starts on Monday, Aug 21. The team has built up their team chemistry over the past few months and have improved their bonding through camps and practices to have a rewarding 2023 season.

“We have the skill and the talent to accomplish great things and make it far into the season,” Iarossi said. “Now we are just working at coming together as one and the drive to succeed.”


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