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Thursday Thriller

Maclay vs. Munroe Football Game

Photo by Brooke Nohle/Maclay Andalusian

The football team works incredibly hard every single day. Whether it's before or after school, they condition for hours a day in order to secure a win. This hard work came to play on the field against Munroe on Oct. 12 at 7 p.m, as Maclay wins yet another football game.

The Maclay varsity football team hosted a Thursday night game that was originally scheduled for Oct 13, 2023. Regardless of the date change, Maclay is always prepared to play, finishing strong with 24-21.

“The Maclay Football team has been preparing for Munroe for two weeks because of the bye week we had prior to the game week,” senior football player Peyton Paske said. “Our team has had a lot of time to study their formations and we used that knowledge to our advantage.”

During the first quarter, the battle between schools grew tense, competing for the first touchdown. The freshman wide receiver, Henry Richardson, broke the 0-0 score, handing the Maclay team its first touchdown of the game. The Munroe team took notice of their opponent’s discipline and began to play more rough.

Scoring the second touchdown three minutes before the end of the second quarter, junior Zeke Podgorski believed that although the other team was much bigger and faster, they were undisciplined.

The advantage for the Maclay team is that the teams’ chemistry they share makes them both physically and mentally victorious. junior Nash Beshears agrees that their win against Munroe was influenced by their bond.

“This week everyone was on the same page and back to winning games,” Beshears said. “It translates to the field because no one is being selfish and everyone is cheering each other on and making plays.”

The team's cooperation is the most important thing to make a successful team.

“Throughout the season we have grown as a team and a brotherhood,” Paske said “Each member of the Maclay football team has learned to trust themselves and the other 10 guys on the field.”

Even though he felt unwell, sophomore Manny Arisso played through the pain for the sake of his teammates. Each player sacrifices for each other.

Arisso explains that the hardest part of the game was to keep going and not give up. 

“[The hardest part of the game was] playing a lot,” Arisso said. “After a while I began to get very tired and I got hurt but I had to play through the pain.”

On the field, the Maclay team took notice that Munroe was not prepared and was unmotivated to play when the date of the game changed. On the other hand, the Maclay Marauders were ready to play, regardless of the date change, time or day. The team wanted to show their skills from tirelessly practicing and use their talent to get another victory.

“I think it [the game’s schedule change] affected Monroe more than it affected us because in their minds they just wanted to get the game over with because they have school,” Arisso said.

The Maclay varsity football team looks forward to their game next weekend. The following game will be away in Zephyrhills, FL, against Zephyrhills Christian Academy on Saturday, Oct. 21 at 10:30 a.m.


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