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Wednesday Night Lights

Annual Powderpuff Tournament

Photo by RJ Hosay/Maclay Andalusian

Once a year, female athletes take the place of the typical male football players on the field in an exciting game called "Powderpuff. The freshmen play against the seniors and the sophomores play against the juniors. The winners face off against each other to determine the champion of Powderpuff. 

The event kicked off with the seniors dominating the freshman and winning 28-7. The seniors took a quick lead in the first few minutes of the game and did not look back from there.

“It was great. The defense was awesome; we had key players all around,” senior assistant coach Nathan Lillie said.  “We got a good defense, good offense and that comes up for a lot of scoring.” 

The next game was as exciting as the first. The tension between the sophomores and juniors would soon be squashed as the juniors blew out the sophomores 37-0. The juniors’ energy and confidence was through the roof.

“I feel confident and we’re going to win,” junior Collins Barton said. “I know we are.”

The juniors and seniors rivalry would be settled as whoever won, won the right to brag as well as the title of Maclay Powderpuff champion. The seniors came out hot with a 14-0 lead at halftime and did not look back. They stepped all over the juniors in the second half as they came out victorious 21-7. 

“We have never won a Powderpuff game before,” senior head coach Will O’Connor said.”[Now], our senior year, we came out and won the game. We just practiced today for the first time together so doing that and coming out here and winning is such a great feeling.”

Senior Copeland Frazee won player of the game as she scored two touchdowns. Her last touchdown put the game out of reach and secured the victory for the seniors.

“After three years of losses and never having won a Powderpuff game and to come out on top, it feels amazing,” Copeland Frazee said. “We played as we practiced and took the dub.”

The juniors were not pleased with the results of the game. They did not take the loss lightly and accused the seniors of cheating.

“We didn’t know we had a team until 30 minutes ago,” junior head coach Nash Beshears said. “We should have won; they cheated. It’s all good though; it’s personal. They cheated.”

Powderpuff has become a homecoming tradition like no other. From last-minute practices to game-winning touchdowns, this year’s Powderpuff is surely a night to remember.


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