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The Guide to Graduation Presents

Gifts to Give to a Graduate or Bring to a Graduation Party

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With graduation season creeping up on us, ideas have begun flowing for what kind of graduation presents to get for friends and family members. For those who cannot think of anything, here is a guide for the top five best graduation presents to get grads this year. From money and snacks to mini fridges, here is everything your grad will love.

Money/Gift Cards

A gift that you can always rely on giving a high school or college graduate is money or gift cards. You might not always know the perfect gift to get someone, but with cash and gift certificates, you can provide them with the money to get whatever they please. These gift options provide graduates with the means to purchase things to help them prepare for college. Cash and gift cards are practical, versatile and easy to give.


A sentimental gift to give to a grad this year is a piece of jewelry. Whether that be a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings, a piece of jewelry is a timeless gift that can be carried down several generations. It could be a new piece or one that has been in the family for years. A gift like this can be taken anywhere, especially college and life after college, and lets the graduate remember it forever. Jewelry can also be personalized for the recipient in ways that remind them of their achievement, their school or the person who gifted it to them.

School Merchandise

Merchandise from the graduate’s new school is a perfect gift if you're not sure what to get someone. This type of gift shows support for the graduates upcoming journey and to their school. The graduate may not have many pieces to remind them of their new school, so this makes the perfect opportunity to get them something to prepare them for their future. While an item for their new school works well, a piece of clothing or memorabilia from their alma mater also makes a perfect gift to remind them of their time spent at their old school. These types of gifts also instill a sense of school spirit in the graduate and the people celebrating their achievements.


For those who are looking for a more expensive gift, technology is a great idea. There are endless ideas including laptops, iPads, phones, headphones and more. These pieces can last for years and are a great way to prepare a graduate for their future, or their next four years at a university. Laptops are perfect for those entering the professional world or those getting through college. Cheaper alternatives are headphones, AirPods and watches. As well as these products, devices like Roku Sticks and Apple TV sticks are convenient for graduates moving into dorms or apartments in college.

Dorm Essentials

A gift that never disappoints are dorm essentials. There are many different options including blankets and comforters, storage bins, furniture pieces, laundry baskets, pillows, sheets, towels and more. These are great for graduates who need simple necessities for their dorm. Most of these options can be found at Target, Home Goods, Walmart and similar stores. As well as dorm room essentials, some useful gifts for grads are school supplies including pens and pencils, notebooks, binders and books. Lastly, practical dorm room items are great presents to give to grads. Gifting things like microwaves, air fryers, mini fridges, kitchen utensils, pots and pans sets, first aid kits, snacks and cleaning supplies are all crucial to have in apartments, dorms or houses. Gifts like these will help the graduate and their families out, ensuring they have many of the little necessities before leaving for their university.


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